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We still live in world where the disease is not completely cured but the symptoms are cured or rather medical science is used to suppress the symptoms.

​​Dr. Vickram Aadityaa charts Your horoscope based on Your time, place, date, of the birth and then gives appropriate advice regards to Your health, disease or issues concerning to Your health.

​Our entire life is based on the Law of Karma and Karma plays an important role in one’s state of health. Karma is also a different projection created by the unconscious mind based on one’s thoughts process and can be negative or positive based upon the state of consciousness you are in. Your good deeds or your bad deeds are also carried forward to your next birth and so you incarnate again to enjoy the fruits thereof.

It is not a surpise many top doctors keep a close touch with Dr. Vickram Aadityaa and often consult him regarding their patients because they know and understand within their hearts that Karma plays a very important role in the state of one’s health.

​There is a logical perspective to Medical Astrology. If we look at the statistics for major health problems suffered by the mankind, you can observe that Men suffer mostly from a set of diseases and women suffer from a different set of diseases and then there are common diseases suffered by both men and women.

There are remedies and solutions available to Diseases which are: Asthma, Skin diseases, Allergies, Headaches, Vision problems, Respiratory problems, Hearing problems, Stomach disorders, sexual problems, Obesity etc. Diseases common among Men are: Heart Problems (Most common among Men), Brain Diseases, Liver Problems and problems relating to sexual organs and at times Brain Cancer or Tumor. Diseases common among Women are: Cancer is common among women, especially Breast Cancer, thyroid malfunction, & problems related to reproductive systems.

​What it really means is that Medical Astrology should be used as a second line of defence against the diseases, along with the medicines, you are already taking. There is no need, absolutely no need, for you to stop other line of treatment which you are already undergoing. Unless and until you have given time to one therapy, you have not been fair. Believe in miracles but do not keep expectations or they would end in frustrations.

​There are solutions and remedies to problems like Headache, Anger, Depression, Sleep problems, depression and emotional imbalances. Skin Problems, Sexual problems, low sperm count in men or lack of sexual drive in men are also have solutions and remedies. Obesity, lack of sexual drive in women, reproduction problems in women also has solutions in Medical Astrology. Even there are solutions to chidren's problems like children who are sexually over active, have no interest in studies, get poor grades at school, unattentiveness, unstable emotional behaviour.

​Dr. Vickram believes that this sacred science will revolutionize lives and improve the health of one and all - not just perfect physical health but also the mental health! Talk to him Now and Know Your Body! The temple where You reside all Your life!



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