How to Set an Intention?

The Importance of Intention Setting Practice

An intention setting is a powerful ritual or practice that can help you achieve a happier and more fulfilling life.

Simply put, Intentions are the things we need or want in our life. Needs and wants could be anything – more money, stability in life, deeper spiritual connection, better communication, romantic relationship, confidence, better health, and so on.

We all need or want something in our life but we take no effort to define it regularly. When we just keep our intentions at the back of our mind, we could be telling the universe that they are not really important to us.

Undefined intentions are like fragile prayers or wishes that aren’t consistent, often are broken and forgotten easily. You need to make your intentions stronger so that you can achieve the desired outcome.

An intention setting is a ritual or a prayer which you promise to yourself. You are telling yourself that you are working on becoming better and it might not be going to be easy.

Defining your intentions require you to identify the change you want to create in your life. You have to do this alone which makes your desires and goals extremely clear to you and can already bring a moment of enlightenment.

However, an intention setting ritual goes much beyond the thought process of defining it and knowing it. This is something that you need to make as your regular practice where you revisit your intentions – reiterate your purpose and objective – so that you move from the contemplative state to become a proactive participant who creates the life of your dreams.

Starting your everyday life by setting your intentions create clarity in your life. It eliminates ambiguity and gives you a different outlook and a goal to work towards. It makes you truly conscious of your actions so that each day you spend less time on activities that don’t benefit you.

How to Set an Intention?

Decide what truly matters to you. Your values drive the actions in your life and recognizing what they are will help you find fulfilment. This is where the power of intention lies.

To know what you truly need or want in life, ask yourself these basic questions:

What do I really value? What is important for me?

What you truly value and care for and that which is important to you will empower your intention. This is where the foundation lies. You will not in any case set an intention that doesn’t matter to you. Your values and belief are at the core of your intentions. 

Write down at least 3 things that are important to you, like love, family, spirituality, health, wealth, kindness, or happiness.

You will always want goals that align with your values in life, so don’t pretend and say that you want to have more money even if you never really cared for wealth. What other people need or want is different from yours so take your time in defining what is important to you.

What area of my life do I want to improve? Which aspect of my life needs to change?

Explore the many areas of your life that need an upgrade. Goals should encompass more than one aspect of life, to ensure personal growth reaches its full potential. Consider how you can improve your relationships, career, social life, spirituality, health, and community. Using your core values to guide you, think about goals you want to set for each of these areas.

Be specific and thoughtful. When you are setting an intention for each of your goals, be specific about what you want to achieve, by when, and why you want to achieve it. Be sure to think about what you need to do to accomplish these goals and what might prevent you from achieving them.

How can I be better?

Each month, focus on one of the goals that you’d like to work on. Set a positive intention that will help you achieve this goal. For example, if your goal is to develop a deeper meditation practice, you may set the intention of  “I live in the present moment,” to help you practice freeing your mind of the past and future. Keeping your daily intentions simple will keep you centered and foster change. If you’ve had success with your intention after a few days, try a new one with the same goal in mind.

Strategize, Define a plan or make a roadmap to get you closer to your dream life. Get a gym membership to stay physically fit, watch less TV, listen more and speak less and more kindly, or get a new job.

Decide where and when are you going to take action on these? Make sure that you don’t end in wishful thinking by creating a plan or a roadmap that is possible to accomplish.

Be specific in answering these questions.

Committing to an intention means that you have decided to change yourself in some way and it is not going to be easy. Being very clear with what you need or want allows you to anchor yourself whenever you get lost in the way.

With grace and peace,

Dr. Vickram Aadityaa

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