Misconceptions About Healing Crystals

Misconceptions About Healing Crystals

When it comes to crystals, there are many things they can and can't do.

From healing sickness to helping you find the love of your life, giving you more money and prosperity - there are many myths out there about the actual healing powers of these stones.

Instead of making it a misinformed and an expensive guessing game, I have broken down the major misconceptions about healing crystals.

More Crystals, More Money

People clutch to their Citrine or Pyrite crystals, hoping to win a lottery or stumble upon a huge pile of money. Although Citrine or Pyrite is considered the stone for money and prosperity, your savings won't pile up by hoarding this stone.

What it will really do is "increase your self-esteem, helping you feel happier and more content." This newfound confidence will ultimately help you reach your financial goals.

Crystals Will Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You

Love is synonymous with Rose Quartz, and people foolishly spend their pennies thinking it will bring them the love of their life. The fact of the matter is that no crystal will ever force someone to have feelings for you.

"What it can do is teach you how to love yourself, it will bring out your caring or your compassionate side and give you the wisdom and courage to be who you really are.”

This will ultimately make you attractive and help you find a perfect mate.

Some Crystals Never Need Cleaning

Forgetting to cleanse your crystals can happen from time to time, but I recommend that every single crystal you work with needs to be cleansed. If you're looking for your crystals' maximum potency, make sure to cleanse it. Crystals absorb both negative and positive vibes, and cleansing them brings them back to a pristine state.

Size Matters

Huge crystals may look amazing in your room or home, they don't necessarily offer more healing properties.

"A small tumble stone placed in the right spot can deliver just as much of a punch as a big 5 feet tall crystal tower.” Even if you wear a 6 or a 8 or a 10 mm crystal bead in your bracelet or necklace it will give the same healing property. Remember this if you're ever at the crystal store and somebody is trying to upsell you.

Crystals Cure Disease

"I know that a lot of books and websites will tell you that any illness can be treated with a variety of crystals." "What you may not know is that I don’t say this as it ain’t true and also as I am also bound by professional code of ethics and conduct which disallows me to make such wrong statements. “Healing crystals cannot cure your sickness.” - (Disclaimer)

Instead of running to crystal store or website next time you feel an ache or pain, run to your doctor instead. Crystals can work alongside medicine, but they should never ever become a substitute!

Remember Your Karma matters a Lot. Your good deeds matter. Your efforts matter. Crystals are to be used as tools to reach your goals. They are what connects your conscious thoughts with your body. You need a specific good intention for them to work and to help them transform you.

With grace and peace,

Dr. Vickram Aadityaa