Psychic Reading

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Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Vedic Astrology - Horoscope, Face, Palm, Numerology Readings - Complete Life Predictions and Analysis with Corrective Solutions

What's Your benefit? 

Expert Guidance

I shall be answering all your questions personally to your heart's content.

I am highly experienced and would be completely honest, ethical, insightful, unbiased while addressing your problem.

It’s Personal & Discreet!

Everything that we talk in person is strictly 100% confidential and in total privacy.

Corrective Solutions

I will offer you simple cost effective corrective solutions for you to take remedial action!
On the basis of your Face reading, Palm reading and Horoscope reading, I will suggest remedial solutions like mantras, gemstones, yantra, rudraksha to help you neutralise negative influences

    Multiple Questions and no restriction of Time

    Your purchase will allow you to talk to me for close to 90 minutes on any subject and your concerns.
    There is no limitations to number of questions asked
    You can Ask for Yourself, as far as the TIME of 90 minutes allows!

      This is not just a Birth Chart Reading!

      Intuition is involved at a very deep level. I use my intuition and extra sensory perception to guide You.
      I cast a chart based on your time, date and place of birth and draw information based on an ancient system of Vedic Astrology interpretation.
      Then I conduct a face reading and also a Palm reading as I like to go deep in my readings and look at the total picture of people’s lives.
      Sessions are always 60-90 minutes long for this reason and cover more than just a single question.
      The answer to your dreams and dilemmas is always more than a simple yes or no, or a specific date where life will “magically” change.
      In your reading, you will learn where your unique gifts lie so that you can co-create with the universe and become a powerful attractor for abundance and miracles.



      After making payment please send payment confirmation snapshot to WhatsApp Number +91 7030000103. Within 24 hours You will be communicated - receive a message that confirms Your scheduled reading date and time. With grace and peace, Dr. Vickram Aadityaa