Spiritual Healing - Psychological Astrology

Self Discovery / Your challenges / Innate resources / Personal & Family Issues / Relationships / Subconscious patterns / Love & Acceptance / Complexes / Conflicts

Spiritual Healing - Psychological astrology is the best therapy for healing and self-discovery, a therapy that can assist You in living your life in alignment with your soul self, through an understanding of the placement of the stars, at the time of your birth.

Dr. Aadityaa's approach blends astrology, classical mythology, in-depth psychology with spirituality and aims to provide clarity and meaning on many levels, including the emotional, mental and spiritual.

Dr. Aadityaa will interpret the chart through a spiritual & psychological lens and reveal your attitudes and how you handle your challenges, reveal your innate resources, talents and potential, what your personal and family issues are, your relationship with everyone, how you connect with love and happiness, what drives you and your subconscious patterns regarding the way you give love and receive it. You will be encouraged to understand your inner dynamics and to seek self-development and personal empowerment.

Remember that You have chosen the present – a very particular instant in time, to come into this particular incarnation, on this particular planet; it surely follows that you chose the best birth chart, to help fulfil your soul purpose. You are so unique and Un-comparable. The science of Reincarnation and the Law of Karma speaks loud but no one hears it.

Dr. Aadityaa's consultation will provide 2 views. One view will cut through to the underlying motives, complexes, and family inheritance which lie beneath the manifest problems and difficulties which the individual faces; and the other view will provide the purpose of your conflicts in context of the overall meaning of your journey. Both views will allow examination, making important changes and adjustments that will heal and enhance Your life!

If you are troubled by anxiety, depression and pain and the inner voices need attention, Dr. Aadityaa's will help you understand them and help you transform those troubles into strengths and gifts you need for further growth.

The beauty of consulting with Dr. Aadityaa's lies in the remedial phase and the flexibility of the solution which may contain psychological therapy, counselling or suggestion of astrological remedies or the combination of both depending upon the requirement.

Dr. Vickram Aadityaa's Spiritual Healing - Psychological Astrology reading will Reaffirm your deepest knowing of your true self and your authentic nature. You will learn to accept yourself the way you are – so unique and beautiful!