What are Gemstones / Crystals By Intention?


With each thought, emotion and belief that passes through us, we create and shape our reality.

Need help manifesting your desires? Whether you would like more wealth, spiritual enlightenment, creative insight or a new romance, gemstones / crystals can help you.

Use gemstones / crystals to manifest happiness, love, and stability in your life.
Manifesting can be a powerful method for bringing your desires into reality. But it can be difficult to manifest if you're suffering from emotional and energetic blockages. Setting clear intent leads to manifestation!

Crystals are a wonderful tool for resolving these blockages. The right healing crystals can also balance your Chakras, amplify your intention, and disperse negativity. This provides the best possible environment from which to manifest.

The healing power of crystals can aid in this manifestation process. Similar to written lists, crystals / gemstones serve as visual reminders of the intentions we set, and they can easily be worked into a pre-existing meditation or intention-setting routine.

Gemstones / Crystals will help you create your own destiny, and help you sustain a positive outlook as you move towards your goals.

“Every intention sets energy into motion, whether you are conscious of it or not.” "Be positive and positivity will come to you. Be negative and negativity will come to you. Your thoughts travel far, so remember what you choose to attract in your life."

Each gemstone has powerful and different energy. Rose quartz attracts love. Amazonite inspires courage. Citrine seeks happiness. 

When choosing a gemstone / crystal, keep your clear intent in mind. There is no need to choose a gemstone based on it's healing properties. Instead always let your intuition guide you.

Pick only that crystal or gemstone or a combination of crystals that will help you achieve your goal and give you the desired results. The energy force of the gemstone / crystal needs to be directed to your clear intent. The color, the shae, or vibration of that crystal pulls you in. Don't overthink.

Remember that we are naturally attracted to gemstones / crystals containing the same energy we subconsciously want to invite into our lives.

The easiest way to choose a healing crystal / gemstone is to decide which area of your life you want to improve, then pick a stone that resonates with this intention.

Choose a Gemstone / Crystal That Resonates With your clear intent OR choose a crystal / gemstone that resonates with a Chakra (one of the 7 Chakras) OR Choose a crystal / gemstone that resonates with Your Astrological Vedic horoscope.

Gemstones / Crystals can support you to consciously choose what You want to create in your lives. When you work with the power of intention positive changes can occur in surprising ways.

Neeva is here to help you set your intentions and choosing the right gemstones / crystals to achieve your desired outcome. 

With grace and peace,
Dr. Vickram Aadityaa

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