What is Healing?

It is important to understand that the word "healing", especially when used in the context of holistic health and energy medicine, does not not mean "cure".

Healing encompasses the wellness of the body, mind and spirit. Indeed, it is possible for a physically healthy person to still have a low level of wellness (if they are chronically depressed or emotionally volatile, for example), and for a terminally ill patient to maintain a relatively high level of wellness (if they are at peace with their circumstances and are managing their pain / disabilities to the best of their abilities).

The vast majority of crystal / gemstones energy "press" is due to what people interpret as "miraculous" cures for physical ailments, ranging from the spontaneous setting of bones to a healthy recovery from illness.

And Yes, each crystal / gemstone has properties that affect the body on a physical level, which you can certainly use to your advantage.